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How A Memory Turned Into A Family Business

Growing up in west Texas, I remember watching as my Mamaw & Papaw would cook lots of yummy food and welcome family and friends into their home to enjoy. Church potluck dinners always consisted of me
asking my Mamaw which food she cooked…because hers was the best, of course.


At their house, when Papaw was BBQ’ing, Mamaw would tell me to stay inside so I didn’t smell like smoke, but I always seemed to sneak my way out to the backyard. One of my favorite memories was watching
my Papaw and talking to him as he stood under his makeshift BBQ smokehouse. I’m sure he had dreams of something bigger but he was so content right there.


My dad carried on the tradition with his version of a starter smokehouse, even adding new recipes to the culture of hospitality and delicious food our family was and is known for. Whether it be for a Super-Bowl party, 4th of July, or just for no reason at all, I remember family, old friends, new friends, and even
people I’d never met being welcomed in, loved, on, and served my dad’s delicious rendition of my Papaw’s BBQ.


September of 1994, Monty and I were married. From then on, Monty’s love for people and food and
mixing the two have proven to be a favorite thing that we share. As we’ve said before, “when our house and guests are full, our hearts are full.” From my Papaws heart, to my dad striving to teach his son in
law the exact way to do it up right, to Monty’s numerous efforts to “get it right”…so much love has been passed on, and added to…with us as the next generation.


This has shown to be true as we have pleased many palates and hearts with our loyalty to a lasting
tradition of hospitality and love in our cooking. Time had come to turn Papaws dream into reality. Papaw used to say “Every day’s a holiday, every night’s a party.” Allow Papaw’s Texas BBQ to give your
next party or event the taste of love that you’ve been searching for and your guests will be talking about.